How do we measure success?

“Soccer is not about scoring goals – its about winning.”  Anonymous

There are many ways to measure success, both in life and in soccer.  The standard measure of success is often the win/loss record of a team or player/manager.  But that is not how we should be measuring success.  So how can we be successful without relying on the scoreboard?  Setting personal goals can keep you motivated to succeed.

Before the game think of two or three tasks that you know, if completed, give your team a better chance of winning.  Make your goals specific so no gray area exists between completing or not completing them.  Make them measureable (i.e. complete 70% of passes) so you have something to aim for.  You have to make them attainable/realistic.  Scoring 5 goals is, in most cases, not something that is easily done.  You have to be able to predict the odds on completing your goals.  Making them too hard can frustrate you and make you push too hard to achieve them.  Making them too easy doesn’t drive you to work your hardest.  You also need to make them time bound.  You should make goals for each game, but you can also have goals that last the entire season.  Just be sure to set an end date to your goals to keep you on track for success.