UNC vs. Duke: College Basketball Rivalry

UNC vs. Duke:  One of the biggest college basketball rivalries in the nation.  Both teams met again yesterday, February 8th, for what both sides hoped would be a game to go down in the record books.  Both teams, clearly talented, faced scrutiny from the opposing sides, pressure from fans and coaches, and an extreme desire to succeed.  Due to the teams’ proximity, both sides had a high fan presence, adding to the atmosphere of last night’s game.  So what does a game like this come down to when both teams are clearly very talented?

Perseverance.  Both teams played very well, while at the same time making mistakes of their own.  Carolina held the lead by approximately ten points throughout much of the second half, until the last few minutes.  While Carolina seemed to become somewhat “comfortable” with their position in the lead, Duke continued to push through and persevere in the face of adversity when the game was not going in their favor.  Duke was determined to play as well as possible, and for them that meant a great three point shot in the last second of the game by Austin Rivers.  Throughout the last few minutes of the game Duke exhibited their true Grittiness and did whatever was necessary for them to win.  Coach Krzyzewski of Duke stated that:

“They’re really good and they can knock you out…And we didn’t get knocked out.  And as a result, we hung in there and we won the last round.  I’m not sure we won the whole fight, but the last round, we did, and we won the game.  But we fought the entire time.  We fought a really good fight.”