Lin-sanity: The Drive to Succeed

The latest trend to hit New York is not Gucci or Armani, but Lin-sanity. Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks second year point guard, has burst onto the NBA scene and thrust himself into the national spotlight. However, it is not the talent that he possesses on the floor, but his mental abilities that set him apart from others. Lin is driven to succeed, proving doubters wrong every step of the way. He was a state champion player in high school with no Division-1 scholarship offers. He went on to Harvard to become the first player in league history with more than 1450 points, 450 rebounds, 400 assists, and 200 steals and still went undrafted. Yet, he is not deterred to get to the NBA, biding his time and eventually signing with the Golden State Warriors, appearing in just 29 games. Lin was then cut at the end of the season before signing with the Knicks where he rode the bench again before injuries forced him into the lineup. Since that day, Lin has averaged almost 27 points and 8 assists per game while leading the Knicks on a 5 game winning streak. Few would have endured such obstacles to succeed, giving up at various steps along the way. Yet, Lin overcame adversity numerous times to achieve his dream. Without the drive and determination to succeed, it is hard to say where Jeremy Lin would be now.

He is a wonderful example of what hard work and determination can do for an athlete and why giving up should not be an option. Keep pushing hard to achieve your goals and be driven to accomplish them. Want to succeed, not for others, but for yourself. Find what motivates you to run that extra lap or push just that little bit harder and when times are tough remind yourself why you are doing it. Make it personal to you and not anyone else. The next Jeremy Lin could be reading this right now, but without the drive and determination to be successful we may never know.

Want to see a typical day in the life of Jeremy Lin?
Jeremy Lin – Episode 1: A Day in the Life

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